A Bad Week in Urbana

Hi from snowy Urbana.  It’s 3:00 am,

minus 3 degrees.  I just came in

from walking Dog—chasing him, actually,

through the neighborhood in my nightgown with coat

thrown over.   Since it’s too cold for the doghouse,

he’s been staying indoors at night,

but walking him at 11:00’s not enough.

He goes again around 3:00, indoors or out,

and this time he ran away.  I’d take a shower

now to warm up only the pipes are frozen. 

Hair dryer didn’t thaw them.  Plumber charges

double on Sundays—waiting until tomorrow

(today).   Joanie’s been sick.  Thursday I took her

to the doctor’s.  Afterwards car wouldn’t shift

into reverse.  Put it in neutral and pushed

it backwards out of its space, drove home

(yes, frontwards).  Parked on the street so I

could pull forward.  Towed for obstructing the snowplow. 

Hope all is well there at the Black Swan Inn.

VISA bill came with your London Curry House

dinner on it—were you paying for two?

When you get back, you can take the damn shuttle

from the airport.  Dog will be glad to see you.


       Karie Friedman

       From Barrow Street, Winter 2008