The Bluejay Type

Lower your voices

Granny hisses when Marcus

and I get to arguing

over our Happy Meals.

My toy is a dumb

purple kitten bobble head

and he got a green action figure,

which he wouldn’t let me see

so his Coke got knocked over

by accident, and I called him

dickhead and he called me fartface.


Our Granny has this idea

people should be quiet

in restaurants, but you know

everyone has a certain voice,

like bluejays squawking

and goldfinches on the feeder

making sounds in their throats

only goldfinches can make. 

They can’t lower their voices.


I am the bluejay type.  My Dad

says you have to speak up

to get your rights, and I do. 

Marcus, though, he’s such a baby,

he talks like a chirpy bird

except when he’s hollering Mine! 

He can’t help it, I guess. 

I give him my Coke just to show

there’s no hard feelings.


       Karie Friedman

       From Off the Coast, Fall 2011